Saturday, March 17, 2018

Too, too many guns

How can anyone think otherwise - this from The Trace today:
"Four 1-year-olds were fatally shot in the U.S. in the last week. On March 10, Gabriela Farias, 1, was found shot to death along with her mother in Ocala National Forest in central Florida. Her father was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound and later died. In the early morning hours of March 12, Ja’Mariel Laique Tanksley, 1, was fatally shot during an argument between her babysitter and the woman’s brother in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Later that day in Mobile, Alabama, a 2-year-old boy found a 9mm handgun in his parents’ bedroom and unintentionally killed his 1-year-old brother with it. And on March 14, Laylay Briggs, 1, was shot by her father, who also killed his stepfather, half-brother, and 16-year-old son in a home in Brooklyn, New York. The gunman’s father said Laylay “was so beautiful. She was so loved.”" 

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