Sunday, January 14, 2018

To: CNN Re: Apples, Bananas and TRUMP

The wonderful CNN promotion on an apple always remaining an apple and can never be a banana ought to be justification for them to do this: Announce publicly that CNN will create an arbitration process to get closer to the truth of who is lying about what President TRUMP may have said at the meeting last week about Haiti, Africa, and elsewhere. The people in the meeting have taken irreconcilable positions on what happened. There was an apple there and other cannot turn it into a banana. So, CNN, announce that you will commission a rapid process to get to the truth. Imagine that. To get there, CNN will name one highly regarded person to be their member of the arbitration panel. Republicans present at the meeting and Democrats present can each nominate two more arbitrators, and the President can nominate a fourth. Each entity can do so, or decline by a deadline of three days. At that point, whoever has been named can meet and select together one more arbitrator. That means a maximum of 5 on the panel. They will be given a week to carry out the arbitration process and to render an opinion on what the President said or did not say. Imagine actually coming as close to the truth as anyone could hope to come on this matter.
With that decision in hand, the rest of us can then turn to convincing the respective houses of Congress to censure and remove whomever turns out to be a liar on this matter, trying to transform fruits and screw with our democratic process.  

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