Thursday, March 24, 2016

As Terrorists Cross Borders, Europe Sees Anew That Its Intelligence Does Not - The New York Times

In my view, much of the frustration that arises in this situation stems from an inability, perhaps inherent in all of us, to see the world as another, and many, see it. People simply think more different thoughts, based on many different factors, when they get out of a Belgian or Argentine or U.S. bed in the morning. That inability manifests itself in two different and both damaging ways. One, it is our tendency to assume that we really "get it" when it comes to understanding others, whoever they are, whether they be inches or oceans away from us. The other is not to realize that there is a difference and to assume that the world is simply a homogeneous group of people just like "us", with a few bad actors sprinkled among "us" and "them". Hence, we make little seeming progress and understand what's going on even less.

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