Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Senate Fails Americans on Gun Bills -

We need to solve this problem one Senate seat at a time.What would it take to convince the voters of North Carolina to elect a Senator prepared to vote for measures such as background checks? Sen HAGAN voted fro it so we know we can elect a good person. Sen BURR did not; how do we either 1) convince him to change his view (a huge, uncertain task), or 2) convince a majority of North Carolinians to elect a replacement? It seems to me it has to be far more sophisticated than simply "dump BURR". It has to be genuine advocacy that leads the people of North Carolina to want a different vote in the Senate. If we can do that, finding just the right person becomes a lot easier. Fail at convincing a majority of people, and no candidate alone is likely to get the job done even if elected. I am sure Sen HAGAN thought long and hard before voting in the best interests of everyone. That costs her support and votes, but we should measure all of this in lives saved.

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