Friday, March 22, 2013

Joe Biden challenges Irish Americans to help undocumented Hispanics become legal - Says discrimination against Irish generations ago same as against Hispanics today | Periscope Niall O'Dowd | IrishCentral

As much as I love Joe BIDEN, I still cannot accept this argument. My grandfather came to the US legally and became a US citizen by following the rules, i.e., the law. He was never here covertly; his identity was never hidden. I cannot accept that others - who come here in violation of the law - should receive special dispensation that somehow rewards their acts with a preferred place in line for citizenship. And I cannot accept that the first violations of US law committed on US soil can somehow be excused. We have lost the link between laws, enforcement and citizenship; it is possible to make them work together but only if violations of law are treated as such - even if a token penalty, and no preference is given toward citizenship as a result.

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