Saturday, September 22, 2012

Web Site Editor May Face Mormon Excommunication -

Mormons are free to behave as bizarrely as they choose and, in fact, I'd defend to the literal death their right to do so. Mitt ROMNEY may or may not approve of what is described here. Someone, I hope, will ask him. If he does not approve, then we need to know more about why, for what reasons - what woud that answer tell us about him? If he approves, then I would worry tremendously about the extent to which this sort of Mormon thinking is ROMNEY's own. What would he say as President about dissent? What would he say about the need for conformity? What would he say about what is done openly and what is done secretly? It seems to me to be fair ground to ask him many more questions about how he relates to his faith in terms of actions taken. In this story, I am far less concerned about the Mormon kicking someone out because of criticizeing ROMNEY - which does not seem to be the case anyway - than I am about what it tells us about how Mormons govern, see things, and think. On those points, ROMNEY deserves many more questions.

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