Friday, August 03, 2012

ROMNEY in France

I would like to understand a lot better what Mitt ROMNEY said and did while a missionary in France. Surely, some of the people whom he approached in his missionary role must remember him? Or those who worked with him? I am not sure we have seen all that we ought to know about him during this period of his life. I'd really like to know how he tried to make the "sale" to French people to join him as Mormons.


Anonymous said...

You commented on Ross Dothat's NYT article that you had visited the Web site for the Raleigh temple and that there was no phone number on the site. You must not have been at this site, where the phone number appears:

Michelle said...

Regarding your comment about Mitt Romney’s Missionary service, have you seen this info?
Dane McBride, mentioned in both links below, is my friend’s uncle who served a mission to France with Mitt Romney:

Terry MAGUIRE said...

I had not seen those two stories, and I was not aware of the deadly accident in 1968. That's something I will pursue in France.
What I really want to learn, tho, is how Mr. ROMNEY made the "sale" that he did, and how other Mormon missionaries pursue their assignments with quotas. Surely, some of the people he successfully converted in France must be identifiable; another project in France.