Saturday, July 28, 2012

Frustrating gas

I bought gas today in Carrboro. First problem was huge puddle of water into which roof was leaking in only open space. Waited. Pulled in another and car was blocking. As I sat, driver through some pink stuff out the window that hung on the hose. I got out and told ring-festooned young driver to go clean it up. That I would call the police. Then she told me her brother worked at the station and shouted some obscenities. That was CITGO. I drove off, with apparent brother making gestures of some sort. Drove to Exxon. Blocked on all lanes. Truck ahead of me not pumping gas but putting in small bottles of something followed by gas. When he finished, I pulled ahead to first spot only to be greeted by van backing up into same space. I gave in and backed up hoping to avoid the next to come in line. Gas options presented with most expensive gas on left instead of right and so that's what I would up buying, to my chagrin. When I tried to pull out, USPS truck pulled in and stopped in front of pump in only opening, not taking any gas - just delivering some mail. Finally, the van in front of me pulled out and I finished a frustrating and more expensive than necessary few minutes of gas.

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