Thursday, November 03, 2011

KARDASHIAN v. What's His Name?

I just saw a headline about something to do with the KARDASHIANs which I take it are reality television stars of some sort who hold a mysterious fascination for millions of people. So far, at least, I am not one of them, and can honeslty say I have never watched them in anything anywhere to my knowledge.
But here is my point. I remember the name and how, I think, to spell it.
The other day, I was writing something about the Greek crisis and for a moment I could not remember Prime Minister PAPANDREOU's name. Yes, I recalled it and miraculously seem to have spelled it one of the accepted ways.
What does it say that someone with no interest in the former and huge interest in the latter, remembers the first but not the second?
It says embarrassing to me, but what about everyone else?

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