Sunday, November 13, 2011

"For European Union and the Euro, a Moment of Truth" -

There seems to be such a disconnect between a story like this and the lives of most people in Europe, at least in France. As I watch US and French news in various media from here, I sense almost a reluctance to cover this story of the economy the way it should be covered. Why? Because people's eyes glaze over so quickly when the subject is raised or simply start thinking the worst. How do we put in this in better personal perspective - not just how it affects pocketbooks but how a democratic society (ies) can work together with all their citizens to solve the problem. Surely, this is doable.
For example, here in Nice, what are 10 things that each of us might do in the week ahead to help address the problem? Is it a question of saving, spending, sending a message to someone, coming up with an idea, doing something differently? What is it? In a democratic society, we ought to be able to help out everyone and ourselves if we just get ourselves more knowledgeably organized.

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