Saturday, August 20, 2011

"american survey foundation" - Bing

I just got an automated survey call from an outfit calling itself "American Survey Foundation" saying they wanted me to answer questions relating to the 2012 election. I hung up. It's curious to me that nothing pops in a web search for that name. I am not surprised not to find a listing for them; I am surprised that no one else has posted a comment or observation like this one.


debfrench said...

I got the call at 2:00PM today (8/20). I don't give opinions when I don't know who's calling. But I stayed on the line thinking the computer would disconnect. It didn't. So I heard their 5 questions but did not respond. First was who would I vote for in the Republican primary followed by a list of the current contenders. Then followed: did I plan to vote in the Republican primary, was I a registered voter, had I voted in primaries in the past, and the question was I a person of faith and what church did I belong to. This one was followed by a list of Catholic and a number of mainline protestant denominations. The items to respond to gave me no option of being Unitarian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, etc. Even more amusing to me--their list included "Episcopal or 'An-dgel-ih-can'." At the end the voice informed me that this survey was run by the American Survey Foundation, funded by the Tea Party,www.AmericanSurveyFoundation,phone 888-387-2111. I also tried the web--let me know if you find anything out.

Anonymous said...

They call me on a daily basis. I have looked up the website for the citizen tea party and tried contacting them to remove me from their calling list. The e-mail address is invalid. I have also tried calling the number 1-888-387-2111. There is an option in the recording to have your name removed from their calling list. If you select the option, you are told it is an invalid option.

I believe this group does not truly exist