Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Force of the Deed - NYTimes.com

I disagree at a fundamental level.
If Roger COHEN is ever stopped by a police officer alleging that COHEN has commited a crime, surely COHEN will not object. If it was clear to the police officer that COHEN had committed a crime, arrest him, put him in jail, and rid the street of his criminality.
Why, as I would, would you want the "deed" done in any other way?
Justice, right?
The mission was carried out with apparent superb skill.
We may yet learn that killing Bin Laden was the only reasonable option and if so I will join in the salute. But not until we know more.
For me, that's what justic is all about - knowing the facts and applying the rules.
It's not the satisfaction that may come to some from harm or death inflicted; it's in knowing that principles were applied well, principles that should guide the rest of our lives as well.
No exceptions.

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