Saturday, February 12, 2011

Despite globalism, international news coverage is becoming a foreign concept |

I'll add two cents of comment: 1 - There is nothing to stop a Star-Tribune or any other newspaper swallowing its journalistic pride and identifying competent people living in other countries - perhaps several in each - and using those people as better than no one when the need and/or opportunity arises. That costs little and at least gives the paper feet on the ground, whether they be US citizens or foreign nationals. I know of no newspaper that has done this. 2 - The word "international" is not good in talking about this. "Overseas" news is better. The point is that almost any story reported in Minnesota or elsewhere has an international angle to it; but what this column addresses is the news, like that of Egypt and other countries in the region, that arises overseas. Yes, it raises international issues, but the need is for feet on the ground of those places overseas instead of relying on non-resident speculators.

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