Sunday, January 16, 2011


I am especially interested in the evolving situation in Tunisia as are many people.

As I look online and on television (here in France) for coverage, I am struck by several things.

The ease of getting to quality coverage has really not improved very much in the last twenty years. I mean that literally.

It is still a matter of making some informed and uninformed guesses about where to go, and a matter of the places visited in the internet and on television deciding when and what to share.

Much of what I see is either older information (as in hours), or is just not relevant to my core questions about what is happening.

I know of no way that one can go to virtual real time, well-informed and researched coverage, either for free for a fee.

It's remarkable that we have come so far technologically traveling no distance at all in terms of what matters most....the content of what we consume.

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