Friday, October 22, 2010

Helping to make my life work better.....

I expect a lot of "my" newspaper wherever I am.

Sadly, I am usually disappointed.

My first step in judging how good the newspaper is doing is to see how high is the pile of pieces of the newspaper that I have torn out by the time I turn the last page.

This morning, I had quite a stack from the Nice-Matin in my other home here in France.

But now that I go through them, I find that the newspaper (and all newspapers I know) does virtually nothing to facilitate my use of what I have clipped. No help moving along the path toward a possible purchase of something; no help contacting someone to whom I would like to present an opinion; no guidance on where to go for more information.

It is so irritaing to see this chronic and, I believe, cataclysmic failure.

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