Thursday, October 07, 2010

Aveeno - Johnson & Johnson

I just finished a container of this product which is quite good. I called them - J&J - to ask if I could buy a refill or if I needed to buy an entirely new container with the pump, etc. I explained that in France, I increasingly see refills for such products offered in much less packaged plastic sacks, for example, that can be squeezed into the old bottle easily and then recycled. The woman on the phone said she had never heard of this and assured me that the one I had finished was fully recyclable but I said I was not sure about the pump. In any case, it is a #2 even though they put their "lot" stamp right over the triangle that would tell me this. I do not recall whether our local recyclers can process this or not.

My comment was that Johnson and Johnson ought to be more respectful of the environment by providing their products in less packaging. She said she would pass it along. Right.

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