Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"A Pork Cookbook in Israel? Not Kosher" - NYTimes.com

I support Israelis exactly to the same extent as I support Palestinians, other Muslims, Christians, Hindus, and all the rest who practice a religion and those who don't.

The United States is seen as the patron saint of Israel and of no other country in the world.

It's stories like these that make me wonder out loud about what kind of a freedom-loving place receives so much money from us every year? Yes, I wonder the same thing about Egypt and many other countries, including Iraq and Afghanistan, but somehow we don't see as a country to be bothered by the actions Israel takes, or may take, that demonstrate only that it wants forever to be a religiously monobelief territory that does NOT embrace our fundamental commitment to separation of church and state. Yes, I realize the growing number of people in Israel who are Muslims, but I also believe that Israelis really don't want them there and I rarely here any Israeli talk about the benefits from living in a country made up of Muslims and Jews.

Why else would the "settlements" be an issue?

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