Friday, June 18, 2010

"Culture et Loisirs" -

Something I saw today in Nice Matin that struck me as a good thing that I do not see too often...
In the section of the paper with information on weekend events, the paper has devoted a full page to telling us readers what Nice Matin’s editorial leadership thinks are the best things for “us” to consider doing this weekend. In each case, they not only say what it is – two concerts (both Irish!) and a museum exhibition – BUT also WHY “we” should go in some detail in each case. That takes a lot of confidence to do this, and I believe it is what a good newspaper ought to be able to do and do it reliably well. By tapping the best of what the newspaper has to help the paper make a judgment like this the paper is doing what a lone blogger or fly-by-night news offering cannot do.
It influenced my judgment about whether to go to one of the events, and I have now decided that I will go in part because of the recommendation.
Imagine if newspapers could channel their capabilities better to help people make smart and informed choices in all areas, not just entertainment and culture. That’s the role I always thought newspapers were supposed to play!
The story is not to be found on the Nice Matin website, however!

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