Friday, May 21, 2010

Missed newspaper and news sites opportunity

The tragic oil spill in the Gulf is on the minds of most of us. I am struck by how much we are forced to bounce along from seeming news item to news item. Much of that "reporting" is simply passing on something heard from some place else, and we are not building and reshaping our full sense of the matter as we proceed. There is an alternative.

Suppose a newspaper decided that it would create a kind of wiki entry on the leak and keep it up to date? Any of us could refer to it when we like, see what has changed (maybe some highligthing or text distinction), and keep the big picture in clearer focus.

Thinking that the unknown Wikipedia contributors probably have done this already, I decided to go check. Indeed "they" are here.

I would feel a lot better if an editor or editors were in control of this. There are many ways in which this could be improved as it is quite long and does not give one a sense of what's expected to happen next. I would hope something could be done to allow as many as wish to do so to check the live video.

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