Friday, April 30, 2010


There is a full page advertisement for this in the printed The New York Times today. I was not sure what it was, but I came to this site because the ad told me to do so for more information.....
Ok, it worked, in getting me here.
But how much more valuable might this have been, and how much more certain could the advertiser have been in print that I would make the electronic leap?
It seems to me that this uncultivated territory starting with what appears as inked content on the page of a newspaper and winding up with the person seeing that content actually doing something of value to the customer and anyone providing something more needs a lot more creative care and feeding.
There seem to be so many ways to do this better from the print through to what you see on your screen when you first enter that eletronic link. Being dumped onto a home page that does not recognize how I got here seems like someone simply forgot to think about this in planning the campaign.

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