Friday, December 04, 2009

Personal news spending trends

Maybe I have missed something, but I do not recall seeing any statistics, ever, on how much we spend individually in the US and in other countries for news. Is that number going up or going down over time.

I am thinking all media and all forms of news.

For many, there is a whole category of professional news that is usually the most expensive. Often, that is paid for by an employer or at least is tax deductible as a business expense. How to count that might be a little tricky.

But, put the professional news aside.

For people's non-professional lives what are the trends?

As news consumers, how much do we spend on newspaers, news magazines and newsletters? How big a part of our lives are they?

In our own case, we pay something more each month in order to get cable news channels on our cable system. We watch very little else in that added package and a portion of our basic cable watching consists of news as well. Allocating those expenses is also tricky, but as long as done in some consistent way, I think all of this is measurable.

It would be a very interesting number and the trendline would make it so much more valuable.

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