Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Lighter, cheaper, LED light bulbs are starting to enter the marketplace" - Home/Garden - News & Observer

I added this comment to this story, but since the newspaper will not let me change my Member ID nor will it allow me to edit, the text below included two typo corrections:

"This is a good story, and there is no reason that the N&O should not be carrying good journalism from another newspaper. That makes perfect sense.What is hard to understand - given all of the money and smart thinking that has been spent on newspaper websites, why it is that the web page on which this article appears makes not a mention of a) any other coverage of LED issues by the N&O and/or b) the local company, Cree, one of the leaders in this field - It just seems intuitive to do that, but in the world of automated websites, intuition may lose.(I have no connection whatsoever to Cree.)"

How do we wind up in 2009 with newspapers still looking as though they are doing web experiments on the weekends in somebody's garage instead of the thoroughly professional and flawless operations that they should be?

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