Thursday, April 02, 2009

"Detention at Afghan Base Is Subject to U.S. Courts" -

I continue to believe that anyone taken into US custody anywhere in the world for any reason should be subject to all of the safeguards - all - that he or she would enjoy if taken into custody in the US for the same reason and with the same charge. How the law carves out different treatment continues to baffle me, but if the law ultimately proves to support fewer rights to those "arrested" overseas, then I believe we should change the law.

We cannot expect to be respected by the world for the quality of our criminal justice system if we operate it with two settings - one for here in the US and one for overseas. Rights are rights, and they should not depend on the ground on which someone stands, sits or lies.

In the face of the law, everyone should be equal and there is no place for some being more equal than others.

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