Saturday, December 06, 2008

"Worldwide, Employment on a Sharp Decline" -

This is a very informative and chilling story about unemployment trends here and around the world in both the manufacturing and service sectors.

Despite everything that has happened in web-based services, and specifically on the site, there is NOTHING here that in anyway helps a reader/customer who would like to see next month's (if that is when it comes) update of this chart. Why cannot the NYTimes offer either a link to the place where it will appear or at least promise to send me an e-mail if and when the Times chooses to publish an update on this story? Instead, the person reading this story in the paper and/or viewing it here comes up against a deadend. That, increasingly, seems to me to be incredibly short-sighted when it so relatively easily can be fixed with great value delivered to all in the process.

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