Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Theatrics in television "news"

I get very discouraged so often when I watch television news. Today, it was NBC "covering" an important story about an American woman in Italy who may face a trial and charges of murdering her roommate at school there. How does NBC cover it? With ruffles and flourishes, they bring up a reporter in London, who seems to have tape from someone of the accused being led into court. Do I have any more confidence in a report about this that comes from London because it is only one hour difference in local time than New York which is 6 hours behind? No. If television reporters cannot be in the place where news is unfolding, they are better off working from a central office and using the communications and other resources there to do the best they can. To make believe that a reporter in Rome is on top of the story because she is there is ludicrous.

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