Saturday, September 13, 2008

Monetization platforms

This week, I listened to a speech by Ken LOWE, the ceo of Scripps Interactive Networks, the company that includes the Food Network and HGTV, among others.

It was an interesting sales pitch for his company, but the words that stuck in my mind were newspapers, journalism, monetize, platforms and the food and home categories.

One could have a conversation today with a lot of super jock media people and they could move among some of those words very easily. At least, there would be no comprehension problem.

But I think they illustrate a big problem. They do not comfortably hang together and the worlds they represent - the world of serious journalism and the world of glitzy gizmo marketers - are like oil and water. They really do not mix.

In Mr. LOWE, we in the audience saw a tortured effort to bring the two together. It did not work, and it left me more discouraged about the capacity of the electronic media - of all kinds - to preserve principles and priorities that have served us so well in less animated forms.

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