Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Flush With Energy" -

Comparing how the US is doing with how Denmark has done on energy policy is very helpful.

There is another comparison I would like to suggest. It is Denmark and North Carolina. Denmark is a lot smaller than North Carolina with its 5.5 million population alongside of about 9 million in North Carolina.


Why cannot North Carolina - especially in this election year - adopt a plan to make it energy independent? What is unique about Denmark's wind, for example? How about the sun in North Carolina? Down the line, there may even be some offshore energy to be carefully harvested? Nuclear present and future?

Is it totally unrealistic to think that North Carolina could become the first state in the US to achieve energy independence?

Shouldn't we try?

What is the status of this bill in the state legislature - Energy Independence Act? In fact, it looks like it was passed and signed by the Governor two years ago. However, when you look at the text, it seems so little. Can't we do better? Wouldn't it serve everyone's best interests?

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