Friday, June 13, 2008

"Critics and News Executives Split Over Sexism in Clinton Coverage" -

Some people really enjoy taking on the media. Give them any issue, and they will blame the "big", usually, media for it or for the way it turned out.

In the rough and tumble of political discourse, some people will say things that they really mean and regret saying them later in order not to offend. Others will say things they did not mean, but inadvertently saidnonetheless. There are many permutations of that; the point is that we as a country accept this and value it.

For those who prefer highly balanced and sterilized "media" "coverage" where all reporting and commentary is run through dozens of rinse cycles before it is presented, you are welcome to that world. I prefer the one that lets reporters and commentators say what's on their minds and allow them or others to change or correct the impression or the facts.

This campaign is very important. Let's not burden it with someone's irritation over an imperfect world. Get on with life, instead.

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