Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Progress Energy Performing Arts Center "Rip-Off"

Why are we all forced to use Ticketmaster in Chapel Hill, NC in order to buy tickets for an event (at the Progress Energy Center) in Raleigh, NC? The Ticketmaster charges for tickets I am using this week amount to 33% added to the price of the tickets. That's ridiculous when these things can be handled so efficiently today via computer systems and the internet. We should be able to print out our own tickets as do the airlines today.

If you wish to complain about this, the general manager at the Progress Energy Center is a Jim LAVERY - 831-6970.

(This will give you a sense of how behind-the-times they are at the Center..... When you click on the link for parking information you get this page that essentially says you can park wherever you can find a place in downtown Raleigh. Is that helpful or what?)

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