Monday, March 10, 2008

Send an Email - United States Representative Steve King

This is the Congressman who reportedly said that terrorists would dance in the streets if Barack OBAMA is elected President.

I wanted to ask him if he really said that.

But he has this set up - as do too many Representatives - to preclude any non-constituent from communicating with him.

It is perfectly appropriate for his constituents to have a preferred route of access, but to preclude the rest of us - unless we print and mail a letter or make a phone call - reflects a weakness unbecoming of a Member of the House of Representatives. In more colloquial terms, only wimps behave this way, and therefore this guy must be a wimp, I conclude.

Of course, he is free to correct the record here. I let anyone offer a comment and post all who write clearly regardless of whether they agree or strongly disagree. I seem to recall something about how democracy hinges on such exchanges.

Well, it seems to be true according to this report from the Associated Press. How sad to think that the good people of Iowa actually elected this man.

He needs a tremendous amount of professional and, above all, spiritual guidance. I hope someone connected to him - family, friends or constituents will offer to fill that void.

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