Monday, March 31, 2008

"Obama's talking to all of us" - Sandusky Register

I support Barack OBAMA for President for many reasons.

This is a wonderful short piece from Ohio not necessarily supporting OBAMA but urging all of us to read in full his speech on race. One should read in full Hillary CLINTON's speeches and papers as well. And those of John McCAIN. All are available on their respective websites; you are free to use them without registering in any way.

What's so refreshing about this piece is the simple admonition - go read the full text and in a world where there is only a millisecond of reasons not to do so, do it right now. Don't wait. This speech; other speeches. Other candidates. Do your work as a citizen and/or a voter. Even if you are neither, help the rest of us make the right decision!

As I wrote above, I support OBAMA because I think he is the best of the three. But I am not an ideologue and I will continue to listen carefully to what the other two say, and read as much as I choose to make time to do.

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