Monday, March 31, 2008

"BitTorrent Revolutionizes File Sharing" - NPR

I am not at all convinced that the classic model of 90% of most people preferring to watch than to perform or contribute is really changing that much. Yes, this technology is important, but I think the premise is faulty or at least limited.

That's when it comes to "creating" something beyond a text message or an e-mail -- something intended to go to a wider audience.

As for the more limited communication to individuals, family, friends, associates of one sort or another, the sky is the limit.

That distinction between what we create and distribute to people whom we pick for the most part and stuff we take or find from others...that line is worth preserving and respecting.

We should not say that technology either reflects that it is no longer so or forcing the result that the line can no longer be respected.

It can be, should be and requires a lot of harder patient explanation to future generations in order to preserve this. It's worth the time.

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