Monday, March 31, 2008

"2 Irish Billionaires Clash Over Publisher’s Course" - The New York Times

I am an Irish citizen, and these sorts of stories interest me a lot. I do not know Mr. O'BRIEN but I am acquanted with father and son O'REILLY.

This sounds as though Ireland is an island separated from the rest of the world by water and mentality. Some of that, of course, is true.

But one has to wonder in terms of share value whether a newspaper company like Independent News & Media can really make a go of it for the medium term. I think the only reason that newspapers outside the US, in some number of cases, seem to be doing better than those in the US is that the digital stars have simply lined up in a different fashion as part of the transition.

In the end, we will all be operating in a digital world, with some paper supplements. A company that now relies primarily on paper has got to rework itself and its relationships with the people who, together, pay the bill - those who advertiser and those who consume advertising and pay for services, including news.

I see no indication that Independent News has organized itself and its ties to customers in such a way as to get out ahead of what is sweeping so many newspapers off the media road.

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