Tuesday, February 05, 2008

"The Platform: Reading Newspapers on the Kindle"

This is pretty interesting. I have not tried the device yet, but, you know, we have spent a couple of decades thinking and arguing about print v. electronic and within "electronic" about PC v. Mac and then all the various styles, sizes and formats. In the end, people are finding that they can do a lot more with what they get electronically but it is not the same experience as reading on paper. Like so many of these debates, what seems most suprising is that it is taking so long for technology and the marketplace to work this out. Is it enough simply to say that you can get The New York Times a hundred different ways and therefore we are all content simply to make our choice. I don't think the future of that institution - The Times - rests very well on that foundation and that may explain why the whole process seems so unstable.

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